A little hint?

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    This seems to me to be a hint that the Wii will be receiving an update soon to allow DS connectivity

    1. desolatax 98 months ago | reply

      Freakin' Sweet!

    2. Towel Man 98 months ago | reply

      That's why I bought a DS in the first place

    3. donsherio 98 months ago | reply

      YAY! DS WII Connection :p (hopefully)

    4. Sweet_Apollo 98 months ago | reply

      well I will buy a wii to go with my DS if that happens.

    5. jungl thomas 98 months ago | reply

      This would be so great!

    6. stroudm 98 months ago | reply

      Would be totally sweet, if I cold actually get my hands on a friggin Wii in the first place, ARGH!

    7. savefs1 98 months ago | reply

      I suspect they will hold off on Wii/DS connectivity for a while longer. A DS demo channel via Wii could really give it a hardware boost (especially in Japan where DS is their god)..no point in announcing it yet if the consoles are still selling out anyway.

    8. Richard Swinburne [deleted] 98 months ago | reply

      I should surely hope so, considering Crystal Chronicles is due on the Wii at some point! MP action on the GC required GBA-SP's so linking the Wii to 4 DS' wirelessly will be awesome.

    9. bouche 98 months ago | reply

      that's the kitchen right? you can find cooking discs around the game and you insert them into the DS machines in the kitchen to learn new recipes.

      It means nothing more than that.

    10. -=AllAm118=- 98 months ago | reply


      I agree! It probably means nothing. But If you could share a connection Texas Hold em would be awsome!

      BTW am I the only one who wants a nintendo arcade classics for DS with the origional Punch Out!

      C'mon Nintendo

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