UFO-monument in Ängelholm, Sweden
Went to the UFO monument outside Ängelholm with my mum. I remember I was here with my dad when I was an ickle wee one, and have never been back since.

Memorial was opened in 1972, the year I was born, but the actual UFO sighting was in 1946.

There is a very interesting back story to this, involving a very successful business man from the area who according to himself had this encounter in 1946. He then went on to build a business, Cernelle (later Allergon) inventing and selling pollen allergy medicine, but not until the business was quite successful and he was a well known name in Sweden did he reveal his story.

There is a WikiPedia page about it in English, unfortunately very brief and not all that correct. Guess I should improve it. Will see if I find time this week, because it is a very fascinating story.


For those who speak Swedish, here is the story in full:



And about Gösta Carlsson himself:

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