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Alas! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the junk yard. | by phoenixar
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Alas! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the junk yard.

I finally found a junk yard that doesn't care whether I take pictures inside or not. At least, they made it very easy to sneak in a DSLR and tripod in my backpack! :D


Last week, a junk yard employee stopped me not long after I snapped a few shots with my DSLR. The employee nervously asked me to delete the photos, which I did. He was obviously a minion taking orders, so I didn't make it hard on him. Immediately after showing that I deleted all the photos, I offered to walk out of the yard. He agreed that that was the next thing I he was told to ask me to do. So I did it.


There are plenty of other junk yards around but I knew they were all communicating with one another with radios. Luckily I know some high school Spanish, so I know that these junk yards keep each other updated on the prices of parts in order to maximize profits. I knew that these guys wouldn't hesitate to let each other know that a "Chino" was walking around taking photos for whatever reason.


To me a place like this is a jungle of colorful, dangerous, and nostalgic emotion (and a great place to get cheap parts for my old lady - 93Camry2.2L). The colors speak for themselves. The danger lies in every sharp edge, and unyielding debris that seemingly reaches out to trip or cut you on your every squeeze, hop, and step. The nostalgia meet by reunions with old machines which once served the singular purpose of taking you from point A to B; but once more transport you back to an array of destinations as far as your memories can take you.


Of course, I would tell the bossman that these photos are purely for artistic expression, I had a feeling that those words would fall on deaf ears. So I bide my time, didn't make a scene, stayed extra low on the radar, and made a friend on the inside. This time, I made sure the snap of the DSLR shutter couldn't be heard by the office, or witnessed by any employees.


I hope you enjoy these photos!

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Taken on February 5, 2012