In Between Storage
A real fakeXhibition in which 4 artists reshuffle the contents of a hangar situated on an Aronia m. berry plantation. The berry fields used to operate monoculture wise as a Sovkhoz (State farm) in Soviet times, ending in 1991.

"In Between Storage" is in retrospect described as being simultaneously two museums and a gallery.

1. Museum of Aizpute Agriculture (temp.) Exhibition: In Between Storage
2. The Museum of Contemporary Agro-Art of Aizpute (temp.) Exhibition: In Between Storage
3. In Between Storage Art Gallery (temp.)

Public openings:
Sept. 10, 16, 17, 2016

Seila Fernandez Arconada (ES)
Ann Glassner (AUS)
Laurie Sheridan (US)
Bartaku (FIN/BRU)

Conceived and made in 3 days during a residency at Serde Art Center, Aizpute (LAT)

With special thanks to Serde Art Center and Toms Piertniks.

Part of Bartaku_Aronia m. Babe research.

Bartaku residency as part of
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