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salomé spinning

just for kicks, post similar images to this group spinners


january 21st, 2007. salomé on CNN


very last update: american express behaved quite elegantly and i trust the error was sincere.


last update: it turns out american express used this image without notifying me in one of their banner ads, linking to their mylifemycard website. interesting that such a large company needs to go to flickr to steal images. the beauty of flickr is a number of people who had seen this image notified me. talk about the power of a community!


this needed luck and patience.


ok, due to unbearable pressure, i'll try to explain. it is really not that difficult, try this yourselves at home, preferrably first on borrowed children. just like k_rio_k says. synchronised rotation of the spinner, the spinnee and the photographer. the trick is to get both the focus and the right angle to the light. 1/15 of a sec exposure or slower.


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