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    isoline is having a busy lunch. many calls to place... isoline loves to play eating but actually eats the most minuscule amounts.

    lit with a silver reflector on the left (the window is above her left shoulder)

    btw, this was shot for the "professional child photography" pool. unless i missed something...

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    1. Emoz ages ago | reply

      grea shot, pretty girl very organised!

    2. toddlertoes ages ago | reply

      haha what a gorgeous capture (and title), really great photo of what they just do - it looks rather professional indeed! this photo has got cuteness all over it.

    3. faint flowers [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Nice wall paint colour..

    4. mycarbootsale ages ago | reply

      aha! lovely.

    5. capriana ages ago | reply

      i love all of her pictures. she is adorable.

    6. rogerdominh ages ago | reply

      Great shot !

    7. Shabok ages ago | reply

      Très belle lumière, idem pour les couleurs, et l'instant capturé est parfait. C'est du bon boulot Phitar !

    8. important harmony [deleted] ages ago | reply

      she has a great future ;)

    9. pASTEL gIRL ages ago | reply

      the colors are delicious!!!

    10. Ana Lu ;D ages ago | reply

      linda mocinha!

    11. lynetter ages ago | reply

      Lovely photo, reminds me of being little. She's adorable. :-)

      Thank you too for sharing it under a creative commons license.... I've used it in my quote mashup set here, hope that is OK, let me know if not.

    12. lynetter ages ago | reply

      Hey again, I found out yesterday that some of my quote mashup slides got used by a guy presenting at a big social work/anti-drug conference. One of the slides he used had this pic in it. Thought you might get a kick, as I did, from knowing that, indirectly, your flickr pic has become involved in social work. :-)

    13. yltimo ages ago | reply

      Technical question from a beginner - by the way a great shot... did you have a light behind her for the wall to look that way or was that just from the flash?

    14. c a s h m e r e ages ago | reply

      Love this!!! She's such a little beauty :) And obviously very very busy! :D

    15. dawn601 ages ago | reply

      hi.... am a newbie here...she is so adorabale... nice shot

    16. dawn601 ages ago | reply

      hello...would like to ask how do u do the pink and vilolet effect of the photo...would u mind sharing it pleaseee? thanks...

    17. MyLovenArt ages ago | reply

      Just found this photo on a tutorial about portraits and recognized the name. Cool, my contact is a photography celebrity! Nice shot!

    18. Silcabieses 75 months ago | reply

      This is an already grew lady! Making lots of things at the same time and not having time for eating real food! lol!

      Nice shot!

    19. Benjamin Po 74 months ago | reply

      sweet girl~nice shot!!!

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