2012 10.30 Hurricane Sandy Damage
A collection of Hurricane Sandy damage in Beach Haven NJ directly from First Responders, if anyone recognizes houses feel free to tag them with addresses. Pics of what was Morrison's Marina and the Sea Shell Motel are all that stand out for me.

Hey everyone, please share this. As many of you close to me know, my mom is at the heart of the emergency efforts in Beach Haven. They currently have no gas, water, power, sewage, etc, etc. The island is completely unlivable, perhaps for a long time, think months, not days. Now, we all love politicians, Christie is awesome, oh look Obama is great, but the truth is, the state is overburdened. To get supplies, they have to fill out forms, and fax, or email stuff (with no power?). This takes time. It especially takes time if you are over stressed, and screw up the forms.

So, let's try something. For those of you that know construction companies, or tanker trucks full of water, or hell, plumbers..i don't know. Can you point them in the direction of lrohrer@beachhaven-nj.gov or call 609-492-0111? I am thinking that, the very community that wants back onto the island, can infact, be the ones to get the help there, before the state of NJ can. Red tape be damned. Thank you and I'll stop bothering you now.
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