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Significance | by Philerooski
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When I was shooting this beach, with people running around everywhere, fairly hopeless compositions, and only minutes to find something interesting to take a photo of before the light faded, this little kid started running into my frame.


This really ticked me off. I didn’t travel all the way down here hoping for shots of children playing on the beach. I looked around for the kid’s family, and when I found them, started giving them that dirty look that loosely translates to WTF?! All they did was ignore me and cheer on the little guy, who was doing some ‘cute’ little dance of avoiding the water. Time eventually got the best of me and I took my 3 exposures and moved on to another composition. Looking back on this shot now, it is my favorite shot from that sunset and one of my favorite photos I have ever taken. Even though I was disgusted at the time with the blown chance of getting the shot I wanted, it turned out to be a lot more then I could have ever hoped for.


A bit more about the shot, this was the -2 exposure of the hdr I was making of this scene. I thought it had a much more powerful mood to it without all that fancy highlight and shadow blending in photomatix, so I only used the -2 exposure. There is very little photoshop done on this photo compared to my others. A little bit of exposure blending for the seaweed and some simple contrast enhancements as well as straightening and a crop. I think I’ve started to ebb away a bit from my hdr habits. You can create amazing images with only a few programs and knowledge of how to use them, but honestly, it just isn’t as fun as it used to be. There’s no challenge, it’s all “Find a scene with deep contrast, take an hdr, then apply these settings to it on your computer.” It doesn’t allow you to think about your photograph, to be really involved in how the final product will look unique from the 10 trillion other hdr’s out there.


This description is already really long, but I have one last thing to add. I don’t know when my next upload will be. I have a lot of photos from San Diego that would make vibrant, brilliant looking hdrs, but the shots don’t really have anything that make them stand out. And like I said before, hdr is getting kind of old. As soon as I can find some shots that I’m happy with, I’ll share them with the rest of you, but for now, I think I’ll enjoy real life :-)


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Taken on December 28, 2009