Bay Bridge Lightning Strike!

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    This shot has been on my list since moving to San Francisco. Unfortunately, I've only seen lightning 3 times in the 2 years I've lived here. Tonight, I got lightning in 3 seperate 20 second exposures. This is a single exposure.

    I shot this from my office window because I was too chicken to get my new camera wet (or worse).

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    1. cmmcwilliams 11 months ago | reply

      amazing. how did you keep the the lightning from over exposing the photo on a 20 second shot? ND filter?

    2. phil_mcgrew 11 months ago | reply

      When there weren't strikes, it was dark. I shot at ISO 100 and f/10.

    3. wadenick 11 months ago | reply

      Hey Phil, I was thinking that you might enjoy having this photo featured in Yahoo's Weather App - I believe you simply submit it to the group "Project Weather" and they'll let you know if they want to run it; here's their FAQ

    4. Schill 11 months ago | reply

      Indeed, this would be a fun one to have for SF, especially during our rare (yet impressive, as shown) stormy weather.

    5. phil_mcgrew 11 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the heads up!

    6. Lake Fred 9 months ago | reply

      Very nice composition! I give you the Beautiful Capture Award and invite you to post this photo at:

      Beautiful Capture Award

    7. janetbongiovanni 9 months ago | reply

      I just had someone add this photo to my timeline on FB!

    8. Joan-Marie E 9 months ago | reply

      Very nice composition! I saw this nice photo in:
      Commented "Good Composition"

    9. phil_mcgrew 9 months ago | reply

      Funny! They must be a really nice person. :)

    10. lonniec61 9 months ago | reply

      awesome, what a great office view

    11. Constitution of Art 7 months ago | reply

      Absolutely electrifying

    12. "Jersey" Jenn 2 months ago | reply

      This is an AMAZING shot! Stunning! Good work! you most likley already know ( or maby not) that a local eatery has this image as their website?! I really hope you got paid bux for that! It's how I saw this image but wanted to see a better resolution shot so I searched and volia! ( Thanx again for the great eye candy, I woould love to get a copy if your selling them!

    13. phil_mcgrew 2 months ago | reply

      Hi Jersey Jenn! Thank you for you comments. The Lightning Tavern does have permission to use the photo. The image at is better. I put this one up thinking no one would really care much (and I was very wrong!).

    14. "Jersey" Jenn 6 weeks ago | reply

      It's just such a fantastic shot! There are few photos of the "Unicorn" of lightning storms and you captured it beautifully! Thank you for sharing it!

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