Wolfgang Laib's Milkstone
March 15-March 25, 2011.

Wolfgang Laib finds spirituality in the simplicity of everyday, organic substances—milk, pollen, beeswax, rice—that provide sustenance or engender life. In 1975 he created his first Milkstone in what has become an ongoing series of elemental sculptures. A rectangular block of polished white marble containing a slight depression on its upper surface, the piece is filled with a thin layer of milk to foster the illusion of a solid form. Though an inert object, this sculpture requires ritualistic participation. Laib performs the first act of pouring the milk when the piece is displayed, but after this initial gesture, the museum staff must clean and refill the stone each day it is on view.

Wolfgang Laib (Metzingen, Germany, b. 1950). Milkstone, 1998-2000. White marble and milk. 2-3/8 x 10-1/4 x 13 inches. Courtesy Sean Kelly Gallery, New York.

All photos: Sarah Osborne Bender
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