Death Valley Dune Storm

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    I took a visit to Death Valley for the first time last week. While up in the dunes, this crazy wind storm came barreling through right around sunset. I took cover for most of it, but fired off a few hand held. The original file was quite flat compared to this finished version. I used many of the techniques I go through in my set of videos that I just released, to increase contrast, adjust color, etc. (Check out my profile for a link to my website if you are interested in checking those out.)
    I learned NOT to camp in a three season backpacking tent during a wind storm in the sand dunes-you desert rats know all about this I'm sure, but I leaned this the hard way. I am still picking sand out of my ears. The wind was up most of the night and we were literally coated in sand. Can't wait to go back! Thanks for looking. Chip

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    1. Osohepi 18 months ago | reply

      Stunning photo. Can't imagine being in the middle of that. Can't imagine that you managed to get this great image with all of that going on.

    2. Sara Coldmail 18 months ago | reply

      Amazing....amazing lights...

    3. philipleemiller 18 months ago | reply

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      Apollo and Dionysus

    4. karthikpasupathy 16 months ago | reply

      fantastic the feel!!

    5. D.N.T. 15 months ago | reply

      Not bad! :))

    6. Sam ♑ 15 months ago | reply

      Your photo is invited to 14 Karat Gold !

    7. Flick Vlooi 13 months ago | reply

      SImply incredible... I love the golden glow/light.

    8. ccho 11 months ago | reply

      Awesome treatment and result! I think I was in the same wind storm on March 31st -- sadly, my camera didn't survive all the sand (though it only malfunctioned after the storm) and needed repairs.

    9. ~*Ms. Spiller*~ 10 months ago | reply

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    10. phil_theone 8 months ago | reply

      Your Pictures are incredible beautiful! The colors, the composition...everything is stunning! Do me a favour and tell me your secret.
      Which Camera do you use?

    11. td246 8 months ago | reply

      stunning image

    12. Janacekian 7 months ago | reply

      Wow! The light, the colours, the blowing sand shining, this is an amazing shot!

    13. Buzzard2001 5 months ago | reply

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    14. Tritxi 5 months ago | reply

      Menuda belleza tienes y reflejas en tu galeria.
      un saluod.

    15. F Arregui 5 months ago | reply

      Buen trabajo

    16. ★ Sandeep ★ 4 months ago | reply

      Wish you a Very Happy New Year my friend!

    17. ~Simmy~ 2 months ago | reply

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    18. Photo in Life Travel 2 months ago | reply

      Excellent works!!!

    19. marcellucray 4 weeks ago | reply


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