Subterranean Bradford. The Bradford beck/Macro drain
Bradford Beck running from Ingleby Road to it's final outfall on Canal Road. There's a number of longish open sections, but for simplicity we decided to give the whole lot one name including any side tunnels not listed below. Looks like you did the middle 1/2 City centre section from your pics?

The Academy:
What remains of Bowling Beck, but nowadays it's mainly just a sewer overflow. It's the super noisy tunnel that comes in at the back of the Cathedral chamber here. n/set-721576...

Modern storm relief, long perfectly straight tunnel that cuts out the middle 2/3 of Macro. It connects with Macro near the upstream and downstream ends but only the downstream is accessible without chest waders at the moment since they cleared out the GPT (big pit) a month ago.

Pandora's Box;
Remains of West Brook, plus a storm relief and some sewer overflows, runs roughly parallel to Woodhead Road. Only easy access is from the very top of Bypass unless you fancy getting very wet!

Bombay Mix:
Remains of East Brook + a few sewer overflows, seems you got some photos of the very end of it!
Very stoopy!! but some nice stuff down there. It's the side tunnel that comes in here:

Here's a few important warnings to make things safer for everyone!

Firstly the section of Macro where I expect you got in (near the Odeon) is partially protected from flooding by Bypass up to the Cathedral chamber, but everything else appears to go completely mental when it rains.
Most of the sewer overflows (especially Pandora's and Academy) have large retention tanks, so when it rains it might appear like they aren't being affected, but when the tanks fill up they could potentially surge within a matter of seconds. Obviously this also applies to everything in it's path downstream.

In Academy, there is a liftable manhole that could be used in an absolute emergency. At the top of the very long smaller diameter staircase, go straight on at the junction down the bendy 5ft round brick pipe. It's the first manhole chamber (just before the overflow chamber with a big machine) It's hinged, potentially with a simple latch that can be undone from underneath. Only use it if there is absolutely no other option
(Details edited out) I would be more inclined to wait it out, and let the water level drop, rather than use that lid.

Bombay mix...Only been in there once and we had to make a very hasty emergency exit out of a manhole due to gas. We would have been dead no question had the airflow been going the other way and if we hadn't found a liftable manhole in some grass. Don't recommend this one at all until we've found an upstream manhole that can be opened to provide an exit at both ends.

Happy and Safe draining!!
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