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The fretful little gander stole a glance across the lake...

The confident goose chuckled .. a sneer his bill did make...

"it's cold outside..the clouds are dark..the water is so rough"

"its not cold enough to freeze the pond.. cloud is merely fluff"

She fidgeted just a moment and spoke up once again...

He strutted his tail feathers ceremoniously and then...

"what if it rains.. what if it snows...where will we stop to rest?"

"we'll get a bath..we'll watch the flakes..your flying is the best"

Nothing she could say or do would shake his salty mind...

He wanted a new adventure.. to see what they could find...

"so if we go.. will we return...the others all tend to worry"

"oh squawk..we'll be back before a feather can even flurry"

She began to waver.. seeing his persistence would not end..

He could see her resistance ..ever slightly start to bend..

"Now goose you have to promise.. before we take this trek..."

"I promise not to hurt a single feather on that silly little neck"

She dipped her head a coyish gander way...

He turned his back and chuckled ..and then spoke to say...

"we'll play in the sunrise.. we'll laugh across the tide"

"a charming speech, silly goose, you tried and tried and tried"

He looked at her in goose filled shock "our flying is not to be?"

Gander giggles filled the morn.."Of course, but you will...

.......follow me!"


Photo by Phil Koch ~*~ Poem by Kelly Schlicht

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Taken on December 12, 2011