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    UH-OH. dilemma time. do i quarter all these blocks to make a modified bento box? i really thought i'd have no trouble cutting these blocks up, but now i am seriously considering NOT cutting. but i do love a good scrappy-looking quilt, and chopping and re-sewing would make this one look a lot more scrappy.

    what to do?

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    1. GeorgiaMcDonald 61 months ago | reply

      I love it just the way it is. Make another one to cut. ;-)

    2. patchandi 61 months ago | reply

      No cutting!!!
      Don't mess with such stunning blocks!!

    3. ImAGingerMonkey 61 months ago | reply

      ohhh, it's a toughy....they are beautiful. But, I'm a sadist - CUT CUT CUT!!!!

      (think of the beautiful scrappiness!)

    4. Good Soapworks Mom 61 months ago | reply

      After I followed the link to your inspiration,
      I really think you need to cut these ...
      the end result will be even better then
      these beauties as they are now.

    5. Magpie Quilts 61 months ago | reply

      Either way you'll have a beautiful quilt - but I'm with Good Soapworks Mom - cut them!

    6. r0ssie 61 months ago | reply

      snip snip! really, it would be great either way, but I would cut them up!

    7. nichole.pyle 61 months ago | reply

      i vote for cutting too!

    8. sleighd 61 months ago | reply

      It'll look really good either way, but I'm loving it just the way it is.

    9. Ann StewArt 61 months ago | reply

      You are not getting any wiser this way, but I am still going to say it: You know what you have now (so if you love it, leave it) and you don't know exactly what you are going to get (but if you like excitement, go for it)
      I love it!!

    10. LULUBLOOM :: lucia 61 months ago | reply

      This is so, so pretty. Maybe just cut a few to see where it takes you??

    11. Joan H. Callaway 61 months ago | reply

      They look fabulous, but I'm leaning toward cut, cut, cut. But then, I've always wanted to make a bento box (modified or otherwise). Good luck!

    12. pamelas26 [deleted] 61 months ago | reply

      I recently made a modified bento box quilt and love the fun pattern, so my vote is go for it - snip snip!

    13. ms moniker 61 months ago | reply

      Stick with the original plan...you can always make another one of these! Every quilt you make is so fantastic that I'd love to see the outcome on a scrappy modified bento box.

    14. bunnieprops 61 months ago | reply

      I like it too much like this. Please don't cut!

    15. littlbluecottage {littlebluecottage.wordpress.com} 61 months ago | reply

      I'm in the 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' camp.

      It's just gorgeous!

    16. Rangoli45 61 months ago | reply

      Okay, Now I am curious... What did you decide? Cut or not ?

    17. chickenfoot 61 months ago | reply

      i like it as is :o)

    18. cculbers 60 months ago | reply

      Too pretty to cut. Love it just the way it is.

    19. tcrulz 60 months ago | reply

      These are beautiful, but would be even more so as a bento box quilt. :)

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