Page 45 Window Display
My biggest diorama yet. I put together this display in the window at Nottingham's wonderful comic shop Page 45. It's for promoting Game City, the videogame and culture festival which takes place in Nottingham on 20th - 27th October.

A couple of these photos are the final arrangement in the actual window, the rest I took in my front room.

Here's a list of the books included:

Moomin comic strips vol 1-7
Depressed Cat
Science Tales
Hilda and the Midnight Giant
What It Is
Scott Pilgrim vol 6

Map of my Heart
Anya's Ghost
The Wrong Place
Hark! a Vagrant
Tamara Drewe
Tales from Outer Suburbia
Fun Home

And some hidden characters
Lizz Lunney's Keith the Wizard and Unicorn
Timothy Winchester's Blob
Joe List's Grey Man
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