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I had a free day during my days off from work, and as I hadn't done a portrait/fashion shoot in a while, I thought I'd arrange one for that day.


Thinking of a location to use, I decided on trying out the Leicester Botanical Gardens as there seemed to be quite a few good locations in there when I was there a couple weeks ago, and I haven't used it as a backdrop for people photography yet.


I ended up arranging 2 shoots for that day, one in the morning, then a 1 hour gap, and then the next shoot.


I arrived for the first shoot and met Charlotte at the entrance. We started walking around and I was looking for a good place to shoot. The weather was what I consider good for taking photographs, an overcast day without it raining.


We found a few places, did a few outfit changes and as the shoot was nearing the end, I started to feel a few drops of rain. We finished the shoot slightly earlier than expected due to the rain and as I had over an hour between shoots I went home quickly.


While I was at home the rain started to come down really heavily and I considered maybe postponing the shoot. I decided against it, thinking that even if it was going to rain for the first part of. The shoot time, we could still get some shots if the rain stopped for even a small amount of time.


The rain slowed up and was pretty much stopped by the time the second shoot was due to start. As i thought there was a chance of the rain coming back, I used my older camera and lens, which I have used when it's raining, so even if it did rain then we could carry in shooting for a bit.


Luckily, the rain stayed away for the whole shoot and we managed to create some good images using pretty simple setups. I only used a maximum of one speed light and most shots I used a single reflector.


When I got home and looked at the photos on my computer, I really liked the shots that just used the reflector instead of using artificial lighting. This may be because I normally do use speed lights in my work and this looked a bit different, but I also think that it showed me that I can use one camera, one lens and a single cheap reflector to create some good shots.

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Taken on August 3, 2012