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1/52 - life continues. | by philhearing
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1/52 - life continues.

The first question I'm probably going to be asked is why do a 52 after doing a 365? furthermore, many people will think well you are narcissistic, despite what you say.


although I pre-warned flickr that I would do a 52, I do feel I need to explain why I am doing this project, if not to you to myself. The 365 project was an amazing experience, I learnt so much and was changed by doing it - I strongly recommend everyone doing some kind of project that requires discipline and a daily routine as it encourages growth.


It started something that did not end with the 365 project, it started a fascination of taking pictures of my life, something I had not done very well at all. For many reasons I just love the process of taking self portraits, please understand that I still don't like pictures of myself, it took me a while to understand then why I liked the process. At the moment I understand it like this: In the process of posing I become disconnected from taking the picture and when I've taken an image and/or setting up the image I become disconnected from posing, Its almost like I have an alter ego in this whole process (photography king / phil hearing) I also enjoy the process of making images, having the routine and challenge that the process brings - it gives me purpose.


There are several things I felt I had to do to distinguish this project from the last, I don't want to just churn out the same old rubbish, I want this project to be different from my last.


1) shoot in a restriction I'm not so used to - the square. 2) Take away colour - I want to leave my known processing style for a while 3) shoot differently - this is going to be hard, but I'm going to give it ago.


so there you are, thank you as always for supporting me and commenting on my images. Lastly I Will be also adding extra images from my 52 trips and border all my images in this 52 so that they look good on large just press "L"


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Taken on September 20, 2010