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    I thought I might as well document one of my little "life hacks".

    1. When I start a new book I stick a few post-its on the first page inside the cover. That way there's always some paper around to write notes on.

    2. When I fill up a post-it I move it, either to the inside back cover or the inside front cover.

    3. The added benefit of using post-its is that when I come to type up the notes (so I never lose them and can search them), the post-its stick handily to the side of the monitor.

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    1. Richard Carter ages ago

      And you write in red ink because...?

    2. Louise Oldfield ages ago

      You make notes of each book you read? Or you use the new book as a place to store notes you make in general?

    3. groc ages ago

      haven't you got the teeeeny tiniest handwriting?

    4. nhighberg ages ago

      My handwriting is way too big for that, but it's a great idea.

    5. shutterbug70 ages ago

      ok. cool idea.

    6. Phil Gyford ages ago

      I wrote in red ink then because I was staying in a caravan while reading that book and a red biro happened to be the only pen to hand.

      I usually make notes of most non-fiction books I read, otherwise I don't remember any of it. At least this way some of it sticks.

      I have teeny tiny handwriting in this case because it's the only way to get a useful amount of text onto a postit!

    7. caterina ages ago

      This is a great thing. I will try to post an image of my favorite section of Ulysses, and the marginalia and post-it notes therein.

    8. blndcat ages ago

      For non-fiction books I just write notes directly on the pages themselves.

      Usually there is no need to make long notes. A few words or a question in the margins jogs my memory or helps me think critically about the paragraph or point it is next to.

      My tip is to carry and use a multi -coloured ball point (the unfashionable 3in1 or 4in1 type)

    9. Phil Gyford 120 months ago

      I'm far too precious about such things - I can't bear to write notes on the pages, underline things, or even turn down corners.

    10. asoudack 120 months ago

      Your discipline is admirable. And I'm with you on not dog-earing books and so on.

      Question about the last step in the process: how do you keep your notes organised once typed?

      I'm struggling with issues of "personal content management". Any suggestions?

    11. mills70 120 months ago

      I tried to write comments once, and I did it in such a light pencil, it was altogether pointless.

      I did some of what Phil did once in my copy of Travels in Hyperreality. These days, I just blog my reading as a memory aid.

    12. Phil Gyford 120 months ago

      Avishai - When I've typed my notes up I post them on my site: www.gyford.com/phil/notes/

      Occasionally they're useful to other people, and having them online means they're slightly easier for me to refer to than if they were elsewhere.

    13. SendakSeuss 111 months ago

      Lovely thing about the web is that someone can come along and see something like this 9 months after it was posted.
      I think that I will give this trick a try. My wife (and her mother) refuse to dog ear a book, but will write in margins and in between lines, underline, color code, etc.
      I try to read a book before the wife gets her hands on it when I can, but have to admit that it's interesting sometimes to see what a previous reader's thoughts on a particular passage were.
      I love finding hand-written notes in my father's old books and my grandparents' books as well.
      So, I suppose I could write notes and then return them to the book similar to my mother-in-law who keeps all sorts of relevant news articles on a book in the back of the book.

    14. creativesista21 88 months ago

      Love this idea! Will use it in the future!

    15. malfunctioningloser [deleted] 88 months ago

      When I had to write an essay for my AP English class I just used a plain pencil to write where I needed and underlined. It was mostly underlining and then if I found a section I thought I could use for the essay I would underline it differently or use some smaller post-its to mark the page and write a short idea of the post-it. Does that make sense? I like that idea too, for in general stuff. But if I needed something specific I would put it on a smaller note next to that paragraph.

    16. kimberlyjones 54 months ago

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