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    Inside the Beinecke Rare Books Library at Yale: The books are contained in a glassed in area at the center so you can see but not touch (librarians will fetch the books you need if you're doing research). The exterior wall is made of thin slabs of marble that allow some light in during the day, but not enough to damage the books. You can see that this picture was taken during the daytime from the glow of the square slabs on the right wall.

    You can see the exterior here and here.

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    1. Capannelle 100 months ago | reply

      In the thumbnail this seems to me a building!

    2. pantagrapher 100 months ago | reply

      Woah. This is majestic.

    3. C-Monster 99 months ago | reply

      a totally incredible shot.

    4. travísimo 98 months ago | reply

      Wow - I love this.

      I also feel compelled to post this link to a few exterior shots I've come across of this great building, taken by a Flickr user named bokeh.

    5. paul goyette 98 months ago | reply

      thanks for the link -- those are fantastic! i think i took a few shots outside (it was a nice day) but none turned out like those...

      i'm surprised there aren't more shots of this building (or at least, tagged shots) on flickr.

    6. ch images 95 months ago | reply

      nice library...though i don t like the perspective that much.

    7. Gauis Caecilius 95 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the explanation of how they protect the fragile books. I like the shot as well.

    8. txiribiton 95 months ago | reply

      cool shot, socalm nice library! 321

    9. Sh3Cat 95 months ago | reply

      I can imagine myself reading some books in those chaires. Great atmosphere!

      3:1 Group

    10. Food Loves Writing 94 months ago | reply

      all I can say is WOW.

    11. lemon hound 85 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Books & Portraits, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. Pretty please!

    12. solarnu 81 months ago | reply

      I showed this building to my (then) girlfriend many years ago and she said it was a temple to books. I can't think of a better description.

      Great shot!

    13. See-ming Lee 李思明 SML 79 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called SML Fine Art = 大中小藝 = SML ファインアート, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

      1. Beinecke is by far one of my favorite architecture. It is a sanctuary for books.

      2. I spent many of my college days reading and touching rare books.

      3. The genius use of marbles just thin enough to let a bit of light through but protective enough to keep away from the natural weather, together with the rigid multiples of fives (5 x10 x 15) grid layout speaks both to my artistic and scientific mind.

      To me, The Beinecke is a living sculpture, and I look forward to revisiting it again.


      Seen in a tag search. (?)

    14. alexbarrow 75 months ago | reply

      can I use as a photo in my blog if I link back to your flickr page?

    15. paul goyette 75 months ago | reply

      hi alexbarrow -- yes you can use this, as long as you link back with credit. cheers!

    16. Schlüsselbein2007 75 months ago | reply

      nice shot, nice library. makes me want to read something

    17. jpwauthier 73 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the picture, we used it on CentPapiers : Blogueur : critique et promotion

    18. [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

      Great shot Paul. I found this photo while surfing the web looking for a library image to represent the Internet.

      In a blog post entitled "Mac versus PC. The One Reason it Doesn't Matter" I wrote about how both types of computers take us all to the same Internet, which is essentially our collective computer we all share.

      I used a lower resolution version of your image to demonstrate this, here:

      I hope that is OK with you.


    19. ericazombie 61 months ago | reply

      I love the Beinecke. I've only been there two or three times, but it's incredible. :)

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