Noble Knob
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Tara and I did our first camping and hiking trip with a baby in tow. It turned out extremely well.

We camped at the Corral Pass campground and hiked to Noble Knob. The last time we were on top of Noble Knob we were getting married.

The road to Corral Pass and the trailhead is five or six steep miles of rather rough gravel. It is quite the drive, but it gets you up to 5,600 feet, which makes hiking to the 6,000 foot Noble Noble much more enjoyable.

It is in the Norse Peak Wilderness, which is just east from Mount Rainier, across the White River. Much of the high ridges near Noble Knob are treeless meadows. As a result you get many stunning views of Mount Rainier in full glacial regalia. And in early summer, more wildflowers than I think I've ever seen before (thus, most of my photos are of flowers).

Apparently an ideal time to go, for wildflowers especially, is soon after the snow melt enough so you can drive up that gravel road. Some people, I read, take longer, steeper (much steeper!) trails up before the snowmelt makes the road passable.

I had heard as recently as the week before we went that there was snow on the road. So maybe we hit it perfect. We certainly had perfect weather.
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