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ngc1977 - running man nebula.


all data collected with 12" R-C telescope (LB-0003) in rodeo, new mexico.


L(R:G:B) = 48m(20m:20m:20m)


Luminance: 6x8min, stacking with deepskystacker. masked stretch in pixinsight 1.5, then 5 more stretches which were HDR fused in enfuse. next, cleanup of geosynchronous satellites in photoshop. finally, dark structure enhancement, atrous wavelet sharpening and noise reduction in pixinsight 1.5.


RGB: 5x4min per channel. masked stretch in pixinsight 1.5, then 8 stretches fused with enfuse. then histogram peak normalization and curves in pixinsight 1.5 again. cleanup of satellites in photoshop. slight sharpening with atrous wavelets, and noise reduction in pixinsight 1.5.


Luminance+RGB merge with pixinsight 1.5. cleanup of CCD artifacts in photoshop.


minor tweaks in lightroom 2.0


comments: i got all the way to the end of this and realized that i wish i had sharpened the luminance channel a whole lot more. also i've probably stretched the RGB data a bit too much for the exposure lengths.


these geosynchronous satellites are really killing me.

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Taken on December 19, 2009