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    edit: wow, this just keeps blowin' up on tumblr. cool.

    ngc1977 - running man nebula.

    all data collected with 12" R-C telescope (LB-0003) in rodeo, new mexico.

    L(R:G:B) = 48m(20m:20m:20m)

    Luminance: 6x8min, stacking with deepskystacker. masked stretch in pixinsight 1.5, then 5 more stretches which were HDR fused in enfuse. next, cleanup of geosynchronous satellites in photoshop. finally, dark structure enhancement, atrous wavelet sharpening and noise reduction in pixinsight 1.5.

    RGB: 5x4min per channel. masked stretch in pixinsight 1.5, then 8 stretches fused with enfuse. then histogram peak normalization and curves in pixinsight 1.5 again. cleanup of satellites in photoshop. slight sharpening with atrous wavelets, and noise reduction in pixinsight 1.5.

    Luminance+RGB merge with pixinsight 1.5. cleanup of CCD artifacts in photoshop.

    minor tweaks in lightroom 2.0

    comments: i got all the way to the end of this and realized that i wish i had sharpened the luminance channel a whole lot more. also i've probably stretched the RGB data a bit too much for the exposure lengths.

    these geosynchronous satellites are really killing me.

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    1. Ġ∂ßℜἰ 64 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called ARTE E MISTERO NELLO SCATTO CREATIVO (P1/C1), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. annalucinka 64 months ago | reply

      Vista su - Seen in:
      Your image is wonderful!
      Thanks for having exposed here!

    3. daniel-jones 63 months ago | reply

      this is cool :]
      congratulations on explore.

    4. natalieharris 62 months ago | reply

      how did you learn how to do these? i would love to learn how to do it but dont even know where to start!

    5. pfile 62 months ago | reply

      hmm, that's a good question, i guess i picked it up along the way.

      when comet lulin came around i tried to take some pictures, and at the time i had this vague idea of something called "stacking" to reduce noise in digital images. then i found deepskystacker, and i started using my DSLR to take short-ish (like 25s) exposures with the camera piggybacked on an old telescope. so i did this for a while, read some books (photoshop astronomy) and tried to use photoshop to process the files. then a friend gave me a better mount, and i decided that pixinsight would be better software. and then one day i discovered those telescopes are way out in the new mexico desert away from light pollution and you can do very long exposures to pick up all that faint light.

      you can also do this without a tracking mount, just take about 100 exposures of a few seconds each. of course, you're not going to get anything like the above, but its a way to start. the biggest hassle is focusing. it helps to have a camera with live view.

      anyway check out the forums on, there's good stuff in the beginners' section.

    6. natalieharris 62 months ago | reply

      thank you , very much, that is so useful !

    7. Snyper Images 62 months ago | reply

      Stunning capture. I've promised myself that one day I'll progress into deep space photography. When I do make that transition, hopefully I too can pull off shots as sweet as this one is.

    8. VisualUniverse 61 months ago | reply

      Excellent processing.

    9. pfile 61 months ago | reply

      thanks. i think i want to go back to this one again sometime.

    10. gainesp2003 55 months ago | reply

      Wonderful shot and processing! This makes me very tempted to try lightbuckets!

    11. pfile 55 months ago | reply

      it is totally worth it. saves a whole lot of hassle, and the data is very high quality as they are using the best scopes and cameras available.

    12. Carolyn Hampton 55 months ago | reply

      Incredible work! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

    13. Rusty Mayhew 52 months ago | reply

      This is truly impressive shot.
      I don't think I've seen an astro with more depth.
      More please.

    14. Leaning Palm 52 months ago | reply

      Beautiful work.

    15. pfile 52 months ago | reply

      thanks carolyn, rusty and gypsy skies.

      i guess this is about a year old now and i should probably go back and reprocess the data now that i know a little more about how to use pixinsight.

    16. starrypix 51 months ago | reply

      very nice shot. excellent work! bravo.

    17. collirob 45 months ago | reply

      Sweet shot. Well processed.

    18. pfile 45 months ago | reply

      thanks. still havent gotten around to reprocessing this one... now that lightbuckets is gone i cant really add too much more to it, so i might as well do it.

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