3d pan white


okay. i think i've done as much as i'm going to be able to do with the subs that i've got here.


all data acquired with LB-0003 in rodeo, nm, between 11/15/2009 and 11/18/2009. LB-0003 is a 12", f/9 R-C astrograph attached to an Apogee Alta U16M CCD camera. FOV is 45 by 45 arcminutes.


L(RGB); L=180s,240s and 480s @ 1x1 bin. histogram stretch in pixinsight LE, followed by 'hdr' fusion with enfuse. resultant tiff then processed with curves and a trous wavelet functions in pixinsight LE.


RGB = 180s and 240s each channel @ 2x2 bin. 2 separate stretches+curves prepared from 240s data and one prepared from the 180s data using pixinsight LE. these 3 frames hdr merged with enfuse, then upsized to 4098x4098 and slight noise reduction in pixinsight LE.


LRGB stack in photoshop CS, then final tweaks in lightroom 2.


all frames registered and aligned with deepskystacker.


all of this and the trapezium is still blown and grey... ugh.


UPDATE: a bit of photoshop to get rid of those UFOs.


update2: very nice composition using this picture: www.flickr.com/photos/terrakate/4539705783/

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Taken on November 25, 2009