Manifest 2009
Manifest 2009 - The Melbourne Anime Festival.

A few things to note:

* Firstly, thank-you for everyone who gave up their time to allow me to photograph them! You rock, and I really appreciate your time.

* There are a few candid photographs. If there's any photos of you personally that you dislike, contact me directly and I'll have them edited or removed.

* The photographs are released under a Creative Commons Attribution license, which means you can use them as you like, provided I'm acknowledged as the photographer. Linking back to the photo page on flickr is nice, but not essential.

* The images I've uploaded to flickr are the highest resolution I have. If you go to "all sizes" you should find high-resolution copies suitable for printing.

* Feel free to add tags to each photograph, particularly with character and anime names.

* Feel free to add comments. I love comments.

* If I photographed you, it's because I think you're awesome. Feel free to drop me a note to say hi.

I can be contacted directly at

Many thanks, and all the very best,

Paul Fenwick

All photographs in this set are free for you to use under the Creative Commons Attribution license. For details on licensing and attribution, please see my profile page.
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