• Picked up while visiting the Wikimedia Deutschland office. It's a nice soft fabric and has been worn quite a bit, but the cut is not that flattering.
  • From 2009. Men's cut. Very, ahem, _bold_ design...
  • OSDC 2009 (Open Source Developers Conference). Nice soft fabric but a pretty horrible colour. Not sure I ever brought myself to wear it.
  • New Zealand's KiwiFoo, 2010. Good size, women's cut, but terrible colour/design choice - the print is basically impossible to see.
  • Wikimania 2009, Buenos Aires. Has a nice motif on the back, but the fabric is a bit rough and it's a poor men's cut.
  • From the 2008? Creative Commons fundraiser. terrible men's cut. Also had a weird mistake where the logo appeared halfway down the side. Colour is OK (not black or white = bonus) but not great.
  • You can buy this - fusilly.com/shop/thanks-wikipedia-p-239.html
    Looks like they have women's sizes now but I don't think they did when I got mine.
  • 2009 Linux.conf.au t-shirt. This is a nice shirt - women's cut, not too tight, nice design. It's just been superseded. :)
  • FLOSS Manuals. I like this shirt, it's been well worn.
  • PyCon AU - Python conference 2010, Sydney. Men's cut, not an especially nice fabric or design, so...
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation. they have the best t-shirt designs!! And women's sizes, although unfortunately a bit small for me. But I really like evangelising in a well designed tee :)
  • I made this up and got it printed around 2007. I also printed up a purple one that said "wikichiki", think I gave it away because it didn't fit anymore...

Geek t-shirts I have known and loved

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Some of them were more loved than others, it's safe to say. They're all wrinkled because they've been SITTING IN A CUPBOARD.

See also current geek t-shirts - www.flickr.com/photos/pfctdayelise/5173688124/

At least 7 of these are men's cut, which I would only get if there were no women's cut or no women's cut in my size.
See: geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/T-shirts

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