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    Youngest son signs and says "hot" while eating his lunch.

    My entry for "red hot" in February's Monthly Scavenger Hunt and my entry for "baby" for Photo Friday.

    1. Saffanna 111 months ago | reply

      so special!

    2. Betetsey [deleted] 111 months ago | reply

      Sweet photo of a beautiful baby.

    3. mr. bongohead 111 months ago | reply

      P.N.: is the signing because of his hearing, or is this like new age baby stuff. I'm asking because my daughter is due in a month, and I think I heard something about getting babies to sign before they could talk. Sounded sorta cool.

    4. MTMomof2 [deleted] 111 months ago | reply

      MM - I don't know about PN, but both of my kids have signed before they could/can talk and not because of any hearing issues. It is so helpful! Instead of standing there crying, they sign what they want. My nephews both signed also, and the oldest was able to tell his mommy his tummy hurt one night, and that was before he could talk!

      PN - Did you know there is a Baby Signs group here on flickr?

    5. Pewari 111 months ago | reply

      It's new age baby stuff :) Like MTMomof2 I've found it so helpful in working out what he's trying to say, and I'm sure it's reduced his frustration. I just wish I'd known about it with my eldest!

      MTMomof2 - I didn't, I shall go look! Mind you, this so far is my only photo of him signing - he rarely performs to command ;)

    6. MTMomof2 [deleted] 111 months ago | reply

      I understand! LOL
      BTW-His "hot" looks a lot like Guy's "Thank You"! ;-)

      Thank you

    7. Pewari 111 months ago | reply

      Hehe ... we never got him to sign "thank you" ... I do occasionally get a "Q" said from him though, so I'm not sure that sign will ever surface.

      I think we're in the downward spiral of signs now anyway. He learned the biscuit sign then a week later was saying "bibbit" so dropped that fairly quick. Signs for us highlight the important words to concentrate on now, rather than are the main form of communication.

      Still very glad we did it though - has helped immensely.

    8. tangerinecath 111 months ago | reply

      Lucy's nursery has taught her some signs - Mummy, Daddy, various animals and a few other words. I wish I'd gone into this myself, it's a great idea.

      We have "bi'its" in this house, very impressed with "bibbit" :o)

    9. Pewari 111 months ago | reply

      I'm glad you're impressed ... it's something else now. Not sure I could write it down, it's sort of the same pattern but different. He doesn't like being consistent - wouldn't want Mummy guessing what he wants now, would we?! ARGH!

      Either that or he's just determined to prove me a liar ;)

      He did that to me the other day. I was just explaining to a friend how he hated squash and only really drunk water consistently. So he complained when the other kid got squash and then downed 2 bottles of the stuff! He just hates to think he's missing out...

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