Equinox – german egyptian collaboration at KuLe Auguststraße Berlin 10.06.2017
a facade performance between Orient and Occident – interventions in the urban space

June 10th and 11th, 2017
Kunsthaus KuLe
Auguststraße 10, 10117 Berlin

Co-production and intercultural exchange between:
Grotest Maru (Berlin, Germany) and I-act / The Alternative Theatre Group (ATG), (Alexandria, Egypt)

Sunken city, contested city: EQUINOX is an encounter between Alexandria and Berlin, and as well Eberswalde. The dreams about the sunken Alexandria and the realities of the desired and pressured Berlin are woven into each other in this Co-production. Topic is the longing for the past heydays of this former metropolitan of the Antic world. Arabic narration technics interloop with Berlin stories about the struggle for space and resources, about the production of knowledge and the search for an adequate path.
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