• Annoying dead leaf... noticed post-hoc!

Venus fly-beetle-spider-wasp-rabbit trap

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Photos of the annoyingly slow growing red form of the venus fly trap. The trigger hairs are obvious in the largest leaf in the foreground!

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  1. chloe's mom 101 months ago | reply

    very little shop of horrors and vageuly sexual in a alien life form kinda way. I love the colour and the light!
    # 1 (from the IWANT5! group)

  2. erica2368 101 months ago | reply

    I love macros, the colours are very lovely. #2 from the IWANT5! group

  3. bbikkerr1 101 months ago | reply

    #3 (from the IWANT5! group)

    Interesting, creepy and pretty well done. I like the focus and composition. I agree with your note about the dead-leaf being annoying, but you alread caught that. Overall very nice.

  4. annabellafranc [deleted] 101 months ago | reply

    Really great photo, vivid detail and colour !!!

  5. Middle Gray Studios 101 months ago | reply

    #4 (from the IWANT5! group)
    Nice focus work going on - but the colors seem a little off (desaturated), or is that just me? I think you could work on your framing a little also, to make the composition more eye-candyish.

  6. JeLLo0 [deleted] 101 months ago | reply

    spectacular! looks really beautiful
    #4 i want 5

  7. Jake & Cat 101 months ago | reply

    #6?(from the IWANT5! group)

    I agree with the brown bear above - the colours look slightly out and I think it could be improved by a better framing.

  8. Emerging Birder 101 months ago | reply

    Pitty for the part shown by the note.

    #7 (from the IWANT5! group)

  9. Bruno Souza 101 months ago | reply

    very nice!

    i never see this flower whith my eyes ( pessoalmente )
    just in photos

  10. Mon@rch 101 months ago | reply

    Say that name five time fast! Hey, love this thing and I keep using my mouse pointer as a fly, but it doesn't close!!

  11. Janet Leadbeater 101 months ago | reply

    i've recently bought my first venus fly trap. it's doesn't seem to like flies yet. they crawl right in, and.... nothing :/

    amazing photo. great details

  12. Co.1776 [deleted] 58 months ago | reply

    Very cool!

  13. Chris_Moody 47 months ago | reply

    Hi, I was wondering if it would be ok for me to use this image in a presentation I am giving next week, giving you full credit of course (If you would like to say how you would like it cited this is fine!). The image is creative commons licenced, but I wanted to give you the courtesy of obtaining permission first!

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