A Doll's House

A few days ago I found this dollhouse in a forgotten back corner of a local antique store. There she had been waiting for years and years for somebody to take notice and bring her home. I have been searching for my dream dollhouse for years and years and there she sat waiting for me all this time to finally find her. They had been displaying and selling dollhouse furniture through her, but nobody ever paid any actual attention to the house herself. When I saw her sitting there, it was complete and total love at first sight, I am sure my heart skipped a beat. Structurally she is everything I have been looking for from the front hinged opening, side windows, staircases and actual doorways to the secret room hiding under the hinged roof and plain blank canvas she presents so I can finally bring all of the ideas I have had tucked away to life.


She is a little bigger than I planned on and it was quite an adventure to get her up the circular staircase into my studio. But finally she has arrived! My mind is spinning with so many ideas, but I'm going to take my time and hope to keep her as an ongoing- ever changing project, starting with the outside and working my way in. Then I plan to fill her with treasures and memories from my travels.


I will keep you updated on her progress. :)

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Taken on February 19, 2011