The lonely doll

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    Thursday's Child Challenge #2 "Your most mysterous doll"

    I have no idea where this sweet little doll came from, she just sort of lives with me. I find her so expressive and dear. I have no idea how old she is, nor does she have any markings to tell about her maker. She's quite small for a doll of her type, about 11" from tip to toe.

    Something about her has always reminded me of Dare Wright's lonely doll. <3

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    1. Zozo* 53 months ago | reply

      She's truly one of the most adorable vintage dolls I've seen. Hard to believe she is so small! The details of her sweet face are incredible.

    2. blythedrops 53 months ago | reply

      I love her curious expression.. so sweet!

    3. martoulette 53 months ago | reply

      Cute, cute, cute !

    4. Ragazza* 53 months ago | reply

      ohh I would love to meet her. :D As long as she isn't a Blythe, she is right for the group! Maybe next week I hope!
      ohhhhh how exciting, I can't wait to see her!! Yes, this girl too has wooden feet, but they are painted over. hmmm.
      aww thank you. <3 Isn't she amazing? I love the crazing effect she has all over her face and body as well. I planned to make a new wig for her, but I actually like her sparse hair the way it is.
      What a lovely thing to say, thank you. <3
      Thank you for letting me know. I'll have to look into her, too. :)
      Her little face just melts me. Thank you so much for loving her too. :)

    5. Staffordshire Garden / Shari Replogle 53 months ago | reply

      Wow , the way you have posed her reminds me of Dare Wright's Edith as well!
      She was my all time favorite stories.

    6. okkkiu [deleted] 53 months ago | reply

      when creepy becomes good

    7. marngo 53 months ago | reply

      it's scary :o but nice photo! :)

    8. GoddessOfHellFire 53 months ago | reply

      what a sweetheart!

    9. raining rita 53 months ago | reply

      like a beautiful giant storybook doll

    10. (rino) 53 months ago | reply


    11. Valeria Dalmon 53 months ago | reply

      es una belleza. Adoro las muñecas antiguas...yo tengo una pequeña coleccion...en breve las subire!

    12. coldlicorice 53 months ago | reply

      i bought a similar looking doll at a yard sale for a quarter. mine is made of porcelain though. same kind of woolly hair though.

    13. gentletouches 51 months ago | reply

      Dare Wright's books are some of my all-time favorites! I would never, ever part with a single one of them! I can see how this doll reminds you of Edith.

    14. Dagmar :-) 51 months ago | reply

      What a lovely doll!
      Please share it!
      invite code by Adriënne, on Flickr
      A Doll’s House P1-C2
      Welcome in a house of doll’s!

    15. Dagmar :-) 51 months ago | reply

      What a lovely doll!
      Thanks for sharing!
      award code by Adriënne, on Flickr
      A Doll’s House P1-C2
      Don't forget to award!

    16. neshachan 51 months ago | reply

      What a lovely doll!
      Thanks for sharing!
      award code by Adriënne, on Flickr
      A Doll’s House P1-C2

    17. nami*&Chitaki 51 months ago | reply

      She is very lovely.!!

    18. Bastyana 2 37 months ago | reply

      She is sweet,and looks delicate.

    19. katiewhatcanudo 26 months ago | reply

      She's so very sweet and forlorn. What a treasure. She looks like a Dream World or Madelon doll.

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