She just woke up and still has a bit of bedhead going on. <3

  • GoddessOfHellFire 7y

    oOoOh hugs little one!
    i'm going to loou's to play!
  • Rebecca 7y

    She is breaking my heart! Her little face is too much! Loou, you are so lucky to have this little girl! I think I would be crying too! In fact, when I first saw photos of Tilly I cried!
  • moline PRO 7y

    she is wonderful! her matte face and the mo-hair! Beautiful girl!
  • Euro_Trash 7y

    oh i have a mohair girl with this color just waiting to be finished! this just inspires me to finish her!! just beautiful.
  • disco*dollies 7y

    She looks so sweet, I just want to scoop her up!
  • Blythejane 7y

  • emptynest PRO 7y

    Two words: instant fav!!!
  • Leigh 7y

    I think I'm in love
  • BARBARA 7y

    hoo my good
    it's simply unique....i love her sooo very very much....
    you are a very great artist.....
    i'm in love......
  • grigrizzz 7y

    Dear Ragazza -
    I will do WHATEVER you want, if you just could make a girl for me!!!
  • Novelty12 7y

    Another amazing creation!! I wish I had your talent!!
  • minklet 7y

    i like her bedhead. she is a sweetie, for sure!
    and the siamese bunnies are pretty much my best day.
  • Ragazza* PRO 7y

    Luna is so happy to be so loved, thank you everybody!
    aww I am so happy you love her so much. I do too. I have to make her a twin to live with me. Luna and Tara are finally all ready to come home you. <3
    Ohhh I can't wait to see your girl! I was so thrilled to work with this color, I've been dreaming of making a girl like this for so long and was so excited when Lisa told me her idea. It took a few tries and color mixes to get the hue just so, but I was pleased with the outcome and love to experiment.
    aww I would love to, but actually I'm not taking further commissions now. I do plan to make more girls that will be available very soon though. :)
  • Pinkachan PRO 7y

    I'd be crying happy tears, too! .. haha. <3
  • Ragazza* PRO 7y

  • Euro_Trash 7y

    it was a hard color to get right lisa! i ended up mixing about 2 different greens and 3 different blues to tone it just right. i kept doing dip tests with yarn.... its lovely.
  • ficelia* 7y

    She's so beautiful! I love her hair color!
  • Melissa Brown 7y

    She is perfect! A favorite for sure. I can't wait to see Lisa take many photos of her.
  • DDoll Studio 7y

    Sweet candy :)*
  • Olga 7y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called OOAK & professional repaint & stylish dolls!, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
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