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    George spent his life in the army, ending his carreer as a general. But deep inside he was a musician… he would have prefered being an artist.

    Georges a passé sa vie dans l’armée, pour finir général. Mais, il était profondément musicien… il aurait préféré une vie d’artiste.

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    1. bigoode is gone on Ipernity [deleted] ages ago | reply

      on est tellement nombreux dans ce cas la !
      heureux les passionés qui réussissent à en vivre !

    2. Photophool [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Very funny creation. :-)))

      George, too!

    3. Paul Grand ages ago | reply

      All those sad wasted lives...Faved!

    4. luc desager ages ago | reply

      lol ... 19th century general from catland ;)

    5. magstultz ages ago | reply

      Did he live beyond retirement - I hope he is playing music somewhere lovely now!!

    6. Larazoni ages ago | reply

      Merveilleux travail qui ne manque ni d'humour, ni de tendresse !

    7. Bigbird3 ages ago | reply

      This is quite poignant as it reminds me of my late father-in-law who wanted to be a professional pianist but chose a staid job for life and a pension over the unreliable life of an artiste. Ironic as both of his children (my husband and his sister) chose the alternative route she is an artist and he is a photographer. There were times when you knew he regreted his choice. As Grand Paul says....all those wasted lives

    8. Martine Roch ages ago | reply

      Bigoode : c'est vrai... j'en rève aussi !

      Photophool : George says "thanks !"

      Paul : yep...

      xantcit : directly from catland yesssss :-)))

      Maggie : yes he did. He's enjoying music now... the only problem : he becomes deft !

      larazoni : merci c'est gentil... j'aime les animaux, je pense que ça ce voit ;o))

      bigbird : like your story again. Yes total waste of time if our life is not the life we were dreaming for. We need, at least, to try to be what we want to be...

    9. luc desager ages ago | reply

      c'est quand meme triste qu'il n'est pas devenue musicien ....

    10. dalva ages ago | reply

      Il a quelque chose de birman, George. C'est sûrement parce que je lis un livre qui se passe en Birmanie :-)

    11. Martine Roch ages ago | reply

      xantcit : oui c'est triste... mais beaucoup de gens sont comme ça non ? avec une vie qui n'est pas vraiment la leur... je suis comme lui ;o)

      Isabelle : oui peut être... c'est quoi ton bouquin ?

    12. MH2 [deleted] ages ago | reply

      George, if you'd only found your true calling!

    13. fotoattack ages ago | reply


    14. Martine Roch ages ago | reply

      MH2 : yes, if only...

      Dana : ;o) the cat is perfect !

    15. dalva ages ago | reply

      Mon livre, c'est Le palais des miroirs d'Amitav Gosh. Pas un chef d'oeuvre mais on se laisse prendre. Je l'ai quasi fini.

    16. coasterbeing ages ago | reply

      I so see the Artist in him. I commend him for his sacrifice :) I love your unique cat portraits.

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