Peering through Vivian's camera...

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Yesterday I went with friends to the opening of the "Finding Vivian Maier : Street Photographer" exhibit. While there we saw her beautiful street images from Chicago and all over the world. Such an intriguing story about her life and photography.

One of the displays had her cameras and old film cans displayed. I was explaining to my friends about the TLR Rollei and how it worked when it later dawned on me that I might be able to capture an image through her camera. So I asked my friend Bea to pose and checked, sure enough whomever set that camera up actually focused it for the wall. It was hard through the glass but I managed to snap off a few good shots. My friend Bea can now say she has had her picture made through Vivian Maier's camera!

The exhibit will be on display from Jan 8th to April 3rd at the Chicago Cultural Center.

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  1. John Adkins II 40 months ago | reply

    Hi Pete, awesome idea!

    There is a group here on Flickr that specializes in TtV (Through the Viewfinder) photography and I'm sure they would love to see this. You should post in their group:

    I would love to see this exhibit!

  2. PeteTsai 40 months ago | reply

    Cool, thanks for the info John!

  3. brownbeatle 40 months ago | reply

    the magic of TLR - fabulous work:)

    Seen on a rss aggregator. (?)

  4. fotocubas 40 months ago | reply

    Clever idea!!

  5. mb.kinsman 40 months ago | reply

    Great shot- I looked through the camera while there Saturday and noticed it was I indeed focused on the wall. Thought of shooting but the guard was yelling at anyone that tried to take an image. Glad to see the someone else saw the camera and shot an image!

  6. PeteTsai 40 months ago | reply

    - thanks, it was like a totally different exhibit from the opening on friday night to the weekend. On friday when I went there were cameras everywhere, recording video, taking shots, I even saw flashes going off. Mr. Maloof was there being interviewed all over and there were special video crews around too. I did comment that night that it was surprising that they were allowing photography, but then again since she isn't yet an established artist I thought perhaps they had the foresight to allow people to "spread the word" through their images (social media at work!) of the opening which in turn would increase demand for her work. I guess not though since my friend on sunday mentioned the same thing about security yelling about taking pictures....

  7. patrickdodds1 40 months ago | reply

    Neat idea. You've made The Online Photographer btw (apols if you knew this already).

  8. StefanLarssonPhotos 40 months ago | reply

    But it's not through Vivian's image-forming lens!
    Still really nice though.

  9. PeteTsai 40 months ago | reply

    - Thanks, and yes I did notice something was up when I had over 900 extra views during lunch! Very neat to have my picture linked from Mike's Blog!

  10. Thingo 40 months ago | reply

    Lovely idea, nicely executed.

    By the way, here's the article on TOP (The Online Photographer).

  11. Canadapt 40 months ago | reply

    Excellent idea well done!

  12. Paul J. S. 39 months ago | reply

    What an amazing idea! This is extremely unique and made for a great photo. I love the collage of the camera itself and the photo.

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