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    another freezing cold lunchtime (well not freezing, but very cold), sketching with a copic .01 (the microns gave out on monday), 12-12-07 (british and american dates collide), not an interesting subject (yet another tree, yet another wonky-looking uc davis building, yet another lunchtime), but i'm trying to illustrate what i see every day is all. When i look back in decades to come this is what i'll remember of davis. This and the spiders that haunt my dreams.

    Oh, this is by the chemistry buidling, hence the pun. I always hated chemistry. I was scared of bunsen burners.

    1. dailyartmasomenos 89 months ago | reply

      Good that you're drawing this -- there are decades of things I didn't draw. Now I wish I had.

    2. Floodfish 89 months ago | reply

      Another great one. These scenes might be totally boring as photos, but as drawings they're wonderful.

      I refuse to believe it's actually cold there, though.

    3. petescully 89 months ago | reply

      cheers! no, it is cold, but yes probably warmer than most of the US right now. It's the wimpy californian thing, where they issue severe weather warnings if it gets a little bit cold at night. I'm a Brit, i should be well used to the cold. But then, i'm a Brit, and what we do best is complain about the weather. C'est la vie.

    4. A L MacLean 86 months ago | reply

      i'm with floodfish (in n east or here). i love the contrast between the hideous davis architecture in the bg, and the big leafy organic tree. good thing it's growing!

    5. B A Y S A L 70 months ago | reply

      Nice study...

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