Fluerieu Folk Festival16
Archie Roach Vic Martyn Wyndham-Read UK Eric Bogle SA
Suzannah Espie - Vic Co-cheol - Vic Boirtier Okoe - SA
The Willie Wagtails - Vic Nancy Bates & The Baker Suite - SA
Danny Spooner - Vic
Allan Johnston - UK
Louis Donnarumma - SA
Jesse McCormack - Tas
Maggie Murphy - Vic
Mandy Connell – Vic
Loren Kate - SA
Fiona Ross Band - Vic
The Weeping Willows - Vic
Dear Orphans - NSW
Cap in Hand - NSW
Daniel J Townsend - NT
Ten Quid Poms - ACT
Adelaide Empire Band - SA
Andy and Marta - SA
Gillian Murray & Connor Hoy – SA
The Backwater Band - SA
The Cherry Pickers - SA
The Fatherhood – SA
Courtney Robb - SA
Soursob Bob - SA
Doctor DeSoto - SA
Astro Cobalt - SA
Cat Dog Bird – SA
Tellen Tri - SA
Anatole Road, Brushwood, Hedgehog, Hedgemonkey Morris, Imijiri, Hot For Joe, Hungarian Folk Dance, Jacquie & Howard, Jeri Foreman, Lancashire Witches, Mary Webb, Matthew Lycos, Maureen Morris, Nikkie Nicholson, Pete Titchener, Peter Anderson, Ray Smith & Keryn Schofield, Preston’s Punch & Judy,She'll be Right Love I Sing Piaf, Songs From Lowground, Soulgarden, The Deronion Empire Band, Willunga Waldorf School.
Contra Dance with Tellen Tri in the Old Show Hall.
English Country Dance with the Old Empire Band in the Show Hall.
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