Syracuse Remember Denny's Rally
On April 11, 1997, a group of three Asian American students, three Japanese international students and one white student exited Denny’s restaurant in Syracuse after being denied service. A large group of white males followed them into the parking lot, yelled racial epithets and threw punches, leaving two unconscious, as security guards stood by and watched. Afterwards, the district attorney dismissed the affair as a drunken brawl and chose not to prosecute the men. Diverse members of the Syracuse community then banded together in protest of the lack of justice served.

Ten years later, little has changed. Asian Pacific American students and other marginalized groups continue to be affected by discrimination and ignorance. Society perceives us as the model minority – passive, easily silenced, unwilling to stand up and stand out. Here at Syracuse University, we seem to have forgotten the injustices of the past. In remembering the incident, we want to ensure that the community hears our voices. We want to show our willingness to speak out and confront discrimination.
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