Glasnevin is an historic part of Dublin City believed to have been founded by St. Mobhi in the early 6th century.

The towers that line the walls of Glasnevin Cemetery were built in the 19th century to keep watch for grave robbers. Other business and residential buildings from that period can still be seen outside the cemetery today.

The Royal Canal marks out the southern boundary of the Glasnevin area. Still open to canal boats, it is mostly maintained today as a scenic walkway, where this piece was written.

Glasnevin Hill leads down to the bridge over the Tolka River, the centre of the old Glasnevin village and now the location of the National Botanic Gardens and the distinctive “Pyramid Church”. I always take a moment to stop here whenever I am passing by. The music reflects these moments, as set against the sense of movement created by the meeting of river and the steep hill.
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