River Lea - Lea Navigation 1981-1992
In 1982 I applied for a grant to photograph the area around the River Lea and Lea Navigation in East London, but was unsuccesful. So I went ahead and did it without funding, completing the first stage of the project the following year.

Later I continued from time to time to walk and photograph in the Lea Valley, and in in 2010 I set up a web site for the pictures and self-published the book 'Before The Olympics'. concentrating on pictures in and around the Olympic site but also including pictures from the source to the Thames.

The book includes several hundred pictures taken between 1981 and 2010, both in colour and in black and white. So far I've only looked again thoroughly at my black and white work in 1981-3 to upload here. I'll also include a few pictures from 1990 and 1992 previously scanned when preparing for exhibitions of my work on the Lea Valley.

In the early years I didn't always keep good records of exactly where I took the pictures, so some captions are vague. Please comment if you can suggest precise locations.

I've arranged the pictures roughly in order from the source of the river to the Thames.
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