Around Paris 1988
Around Paris 1988

In August 1988 I went with my family to Paris, staying in a flat a short walk outside the city itself, in Montreuil at its eastern edge. While there I photographed in an around the city in both black and white and in colour, on walks on my own and with my family. As well as a few visits to some of the popular areas, these walks and excursions took me to places where tourists seldom venture, both in the city itself and in the suburbs.

A few years ago I published the book PHOTO PARIS - 1988, still available on Blurb ( of colour pictures from this visit, which I describe as 'An evocative look at a Paris much of which was disappearing as the photographer walked the streets and took these pictures in 1988'.

The pictures are a roughly edited selection from around 1100 images I made.
The black and white pictures cover a rather wider scope while including this. They were mainly taken using a Minolta CLE, one of the best Leica cameras the company never made, and with a 28mm Rokkor lens.

I've decided against giving precise locations for these pictures. Some you will recognised, but these are pictures taken not as records of specific places but of my view of France and specifically the Paris region. There is some repetition, particularly in the pictures of Montreuil because my early morning walks all started from the same place, often going out to buy the bread for breakfast, or on our walk to the Metro or RER. I've tried to post the images more or less in the order they were taken during our stay.

Most of these pictures are published here for the first time, though a small number have appeared in exhibitions, books and magazines.
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