TQ32 London Cross-section
Colour enprints from my album TQ32, photographs of London from a vertical 1 km strip of the city.

This is one of a collection of albums from my project LONDON CROSS-SECTION made 1977-1982. Together these cover most of inner London in vertical strips

The album consists of filing sheets each with space for up to four 6"x4" trade printed enprints. There are some gaps in the album as most sheets only contains prints from a 1km National Grid square - such as TQ3479.

The reproductions here are made by scanning the enprints in these filing sheets and are in roughly the same order. Some of the enprints were of very poor quality in terms of colour balance and exposure and I've tried to correct this, but it isn't always possible to get good results. Some also have still have dust spots from the plastic sleeves.
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