Geiko, Maiko and Taikomochi

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A taikomochi is a male geisha. Today there are only four left, and they work in Tokyo. I was lucky enough to have one come down to Kyoto for a party.

More information is in my blog:

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  1. mboogiedown 83 months ago | reply

    Wow, Peter, you are my hero. Is that Yasuha? She looks stunning!

    We're already saving up so we can make use of your services during our next trip to Kyoto!

    Thank you for joining Flickr, and for your blog m(- -)m

  2. Pinkat 82 months ago | reply

    Thanks to you now I know so much more about the world of geishas, I love it but here in my country somtimes theyre seen like "weird costumed girls from asia" and they cant see what a beautiful things they hide and show. Thanks to you today I discovered that there are male geisha!!!

    Really good work, I visit your sites every day =D!!!

  3. Lisa Kunde. 81 months ago | reply

    Really? are there male geisha? how did you find that out? Your photos are incredibly beautiful.

  4. Geiko-san Kikuyo 74 months ago | reply

    What a nice picture! Hehe, I think the taiko-mochi is the prettiest one there, what is his name?

  5. camillaskye 70 months ago | reply

    I was lucky enough to see this houkan perform in Tokyo. I believe he said there were 5 taikomochi in total in Japan, not 4, which is heartening as his performance was hilariously entertaining, and it would be sad if this art were lost.

  6. Okinawa Soba (Rob) 60 months ago | reply

    Nice post ! Interestingly enough, the original Geisha were all male, and if a women took the rank as an entertainer in her own right, it was so unusual that they had to call her a Female Geisha (Onna Geisha, or Girl Geisha)....from whence came the correct term "Geisha Girl"...which appellation is frowned upon today because of a mistaken belief that a "Geisha Girl" is a post-WW2 prostitute, as opposed to just a [one word] Geisha, who is not a prostitute....and if a male is a Geisha, which is actually the original state of things, most folks go, "Huh?...a guy ?". The ebb and flow of history, language, and how we see things is always fun to look into. Again, great photo !

  7. 尚龍 16 months ago | reply

    what a shock!

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