The Leixlip Midnight Marathon 2012
The Leixlip Midnight Marathon 2012 was organised by Le Cheile AC and held at the running track at Leixlip Amenities Center, Collinstown, Leixlip, Co. Kildare, Ireland at 00:00 Saturday 23rd June 2012. The marathon is one of the center pieces of the 24 hours of running and athletics activities organised by Le Cheile AC. This was one of the trickiest running photography assignments yet - taking pictures of moving objects who are wearning reflective clothing, at midnight, on a really dark night! However, we got some nice shots which will serve as nice momentos of the event. There are lots of <b>RED</b> eyes in the pictures - I tried my best!

On the night 28 hardy souls took to the grass running track for the task of completing 105.5 laps of the track for the marathon distance. Congratulations must go to each and every one of the runners who took to the task without a word of complaint. It was wonderful to be involved with a group of people so dedicated to long distance running. The volunteers who meticulously recorded the lap progression of every runner also deserve special thanks. Whilst only 48 hours after Midsummer's day the night was dry but rather gloomy. At about 04:00 the dark clouds begin to lift and gave way to morning's light. Next year the midnight marathon will move to Le Cheile AC's new tartan running track which is currently under construction.

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