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Coalition of Resistance trade union activists meeting, Shoreditch. 26.06.2011


Ahead of the planned June 30th (#J30) strikes by four trade unions protesting against the coalition government's full-out assault on their pensions, working hours and retirement ages, a group of union activists met in Shoreditch to hear motivational speeches by Tony Benn (President of the Coalition of Resistance) Alex Kenny (National Union of Teachers) Amanda Bentham (Hands Off Our Public Services, UKUncut) and Chris Nineham (Stop the War Coalition).


The J30 strike is the first of what will supposedly be a succession of strikes in the UK, as several million union members fight the massive cuts in public spending being imposed on the UK by David Cameron's ideology-driven storm-troopers. The government has already performed several U-turns as it quickly becomes obvious even to them that their slash-and-burn policies cannot work, whilst doing everything in their power to divert public attention from the real criminals in the Financial Services Industry whose as-yet-unprosecuted corruption and greed caused the near collapse of the UK economy.


Cameron and his miserable stone-hearted cabinet - which contains eleven multi millionaires - are driving the bus hell-bent towards the edge of the precipice, preferring instead to blame the sick and the disabled for Britain's financial predicament.


Meanwhile in Libya, the Ministry of Defence is illegally killing the very same civilians it claimed it was only interested in protecting, using sidewinder missiles at over £60,000 each and AmRams at approximately £437,000 each, yet apparently there is so little money left in the British Treasury piggy bank that Cameron's Tory ministers have no choice but to use corrupt methods to justify throwing thousands and thousands of disabled people off the disability benefits which were making it possible to get into the workplace and to achieve some dignified independence.


Only time will tell who wins this battle, but a massive battle it will be, and whilst Cameron's secretive backers influence the mainstream media, they can only hide the true state of the economic corruption practised by the bankers and fund managers for so long. J30 is being carried out by four unions. The strikes that follow will be much larger.


For anyone interested, you'll find an interective map of the J30 London events here:


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Taken on June 23, 2011