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Anti-Gadaffi regime protesters at the gates of Downing Street.

London U.K. 22/02/2011


On a day which saw prime minister David Cameron holding photo opportunities on his current tour of Middle-Eastern countries in which he made many silken-tongued media-friendly statements about democracy in the region, a large crowd of angry Libyan protesters gathered at the gates of Downing Street to not only honour the many dead and seriously injured back home as they attempt to fight off Gadaffi's vicious hired mercenary killers, but also to demand that Cameron take much stronger steps to support the anti-Gadaffi freedom movement by not only sebering all diplomatic and trade connections with the Libyan regime, and to freeze Libyan assets and hold Gadaffi accountable for his crimes.


Organised by the Libya Freedom & Democracy Campaign, many were openly disgusted at the news that Cameron was accompanied on his trip by representatives from six of the largest British arms manufacturers, who are using HM Government as their personal salesman to continue selling weapons and armaments to the very same oppressive regimes which are currently brutally putting down their own populations as they clamour for the same basic freedoms and human rights which they see are enjoyed by Western countries.


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Uploaded on February 23, 2011