Home made 11 stop nd filter, now with screw thread!

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    My 77mm screw in adaptor FINALLY arrived after weeks of waiting.
    I have glued it to the glass after carefully cleaning both surfaces and then painted the edges black to prevent and light seeping through.
    Works well at the moment, I've found its much nicer shooting buildings with the sun behind the camera.

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    1. lone receiver 54 months ago | reply

      ah ha! a tripod. fantastic- have you tried shooting under street light with it yet Pete?

    2. StevanFane 54 months ago | reply

      That's awesome! I have a homemade filter but I attach mine with a few rubber bands lol. What are you using to stop down?

    3. JamesAlexR 54 months ago | reply

      you might need black leccy tape on the edges dude?

    4. PeterChinnock 54 months ago | reply

      David - I have indeed! Getting a bit cold going out in the evenings at the moment though...
      Stevan - I generally put the camera in Av, get a shutter speed w/o filter then add 11 stops, usually using Bulb mode.
      James - The tape didn't like sticking, but I have added some black paint! :)

    5. Digital Diary........ 54 months ago | reply

      You went down my route then Peter?,I should have patented my idea........... ;) ,lol,
      Nice 1

    6. StevanFane 54 months ago | reply

      no i mean like what are you using haha? is that welding glass?

    7. PeterChinnock 54 months ago | reply

      Yes! It is welding glass, about £2.50 off eBay.

    8. CuteAsABugOnARug 53 months ago | reply

      Sweet! I love shots like this, where there is a story of how to get the job done! And it's about ND, even more sweet! Love it!

    9. Jersey Rich 48 months ago | reply

      Very cool. I need one of those so I can take some of those great long exposure shots. Love to know more about it. I love the shots in your stream. Reminds me of me ;). Nice to meet you and keep up the good work.

      [ via PeterChinnock's flickriver  --Jersey Rich ]

    10. David Sr. - 48 months ago | reply

      Do you get huge color shifts?? How do you handle WB. No doubt this has been discussed. A link to it would be welcome, rather then rehashing here. thanks

    11. JamesAlexR 47 months ago | reply

      David- if you shoot RAW you can alter the WB in processing.

    12. Tony Lasagne 47 months ago | reply

      I've been thinking about making on of these. seems like a good money to effect ratio. What screw in adapter did you get?

    13. PeterChinnock 47 months ago | reply

      Definitely give it a go, you get some pretty crazy shots sometimes though.

      I ordered one of these


      And glued the glass onto it.

    14. Tony Lasagne 47 months ago | reply

      I think thats the wrong link, it takes me to my photostream lol.

    15. PeterChinnock 47 months ago | reply

      There we go! Fixed

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