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iPhone4: Everything Else Is Past Its Prime (Final) | by Peter Bower
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iPhone4: Everything Else Is Past Its Prime (Final)

Edit: 6/10/2011


The technology world, and perhaps the world at large, lost a great man today. A visionary who helped guide communications into an amazingly advanced, yet somewhat disturbing, direction. I'll admit, I've always had a love/hate relationship with Apple: I've never been a Mac man, always preferring PC (as I'm a gamer), but appreciate Mac's performance for graphic and video work; I love how much easier it is for artists to distribute music thanks to iTunes, but hate the lack of physicality with digital music; and I love my iPhone, but am always frustrated by how it fails or dies (I don't care!), but then love how friendly the Apple staff are at replacing/fixing it.


Steve Jobs helped create not only a company, not only a brand, but a major influencing factor of a vast number of lives. Because of Apple, we are more connected, through social media and normal telecommunications, than ever. Because of Steve Jobs, we also have the magic of Pixar. And, because of Steve Jobs, I was able to create this image, one of mine which I am most proud of.


Cheers, Steve. You will be missed, by your family and the technology world at large.






Original Text: 24/9/2011:


Inspired by the Sub-12 Brief: Past Its Prime challenge, I took this image as a response.


I wasn't happy with it. The reflection in the glass annoyed me. The focus was off (slightly). The black wasn't black enough (sure, post-production problem mainly). So I redid it (here), but after some feedback, I wasn't happy with it again.


I tried last night to redo it, but I just couldn't get it right. I was getting epic reflections in the glass. And the screen protector was bugging me.


Tonight, I thought "why am I sticking to my original light set up?" So I experimented a little bit, and once I got the lighting right, I removed the screen protector.


I am extremely happy with the above photo. It is done. I ain't doing it again. Haha. Also, screen protectors are epic sad... I put the replacement one on after removing the other (which had some scratches on it anyway), and now I have dust underneath... why, I do not know, as I cleaned it first. Sigh. Off to buy more on the weekend.




Set up:


Camera EXIF: Canon 450D with 50mm f/1.8. At 50mm, 1/125@f/1.8, ISO200. I had a Kenko 52mm ND8 Pro-1D filter attached.


Strobist info:

Canon 430EXII fired through collapsed 33" umbrella from above left. To the right/level with the phone was a 43" white umbrella used merely as a reflector... well, it wasn't meant to be, but I forgot to turn my flash on, and was happy with the result. Haha. Triggered with RF-602s.

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Taken on September 24, 2010