Yawn of the Day

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    After they have slept they yawn, rather unconditionally. So their is a risque that this will become a common sight in my Flickr stream

    Strobist note: Key light SB 25, 1/8 bounced in a white umbrella about a meter above the kitten. Backlight SB 25, 1/64 behind the kitten. Both strobes triggered via radio.

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    1. Marie S... ages ago | reply

      painfully cute!

    2. Jeff Holbrook ages ago | reply

      I'm an Admin for the 'Spontaneous Opera Syndrome' Group. We would love for you to add this great image to the Pool!

    3. MaPeV ages ago | reply

      Oh my... IRRESISTIBLE !!!! =(^.^)=

    4. PCB75 ages ago | reply

      What a treasure you have there!!! And so well captured! Really adorable!

      This photo has made it to *Cat Century* - 100 Views+ Pool for Feline Photograph

    5. pitysing ages ago | reply

      Doesn't get sweeter than this!!! #:-)

    6. grytlappar ages ago | reply

      I love it when they're this age, the top of their head is all round. :)

    7. m1ke_p1lar ages ago | reply

      Oh that's just adorable...great lighting, I love the reflection on the tongue. :)

    8. susurrus_sparks ages ago | reply

      One of the best Flickr photos I've seen in a long time!!

      Seen in *Cat Century* - 100 Views+ ONLY - please add the Tag "CC100" (?)

    9. ava barone ages ago | reply

      It's not fair, I tell ya. So close and yet so far.

    10. lulu.photo ages ago | reply

      too cute for words, I really envy you.

    11. fofurasfelinas ages ago | reply

      faved forever and ever!
      I couldn't get such sharp pics form my babies becauise they used to be on the place of the house where it hasn't much light
      greta greta pic

    12. peter_hasselbom ages ago | reply

      fofurasfelinas! Thanks for all the sweet comments and faves!

      Almost all the pictures of the kittens are taken with flashes. I have bought my self some old and cheep but very good second hand flashes together with gizmos to radio trigger them so I can place them were I want.

    13. eustacia42 ages ago | reply

      i love yawning kittens so much!

    14. lynne bernay-roman ages ago | reply

      lucky you to look forward to more of this adorableness. great photo.

    15. Jeff Holbrook ages ago | reply

      I'm the Founding Admin for the 'Spontaneous Opera Syndrome' Group. We would love for you to add this great image to the Pool! (Comment any 1.)

    16. Antizan ages ago | reply

      This shot is definitely "This is SPARTA!"

      Please, post it to our group, called, interestingly enough:

      This is SPARTA! (Post 1; Comment and/or Fave 2; try to remember to tag your photo "ThisisSPARTA")

    17. super nest [deleted] ages ago | reply

      :O ahah lol.. :*******

    18. FloopsyPops 94 months ago | reply

      Toothless and cute!

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