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Pesquet's Parrot | by @thephotographer
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Pesquet's Parrot

The Pesquet's Parrot, Psittrichas fulgidus, also known as the Vulturine Parrot (leading to easy confusion with Pyrilia vulturina from Brazil), is the only member of its genus, and its genus is the only member of the tribe Psittrichadini. It is endemic to hill and montane rainforest in New Guinea.


It is a large parrot with a total length of approximately 46 cm (18 in) and a weight of 690-800 g (24-28 oz). Its plumage is black, with greyish scaling to the chest, and a red belly, uppertail coverts and wing-panels. The male is slightly larger than the female and has a small red spot behind the eye. Compared to most other parrots it appears unusually small-headed, in part due to the bare black facial skin and the relatively long, hooked bill. This rather vulture-like profile is the reason behind its alternative common name.

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Taken on June 13, 2009