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2nd Battle of Newbury 1644 | by Pete Halewood
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2nd Battle of Newbury 1644

Many people who know me know that I love History. Always have done since I was a kid and even got a minor degree in History (well since you wondered, I majored in Media Communications - got me nowhere). If there is one thing I really wish I could do, it is go back in time and take lots of pictures. I've always imagined how major historical events really look and you can tell by some of my Flickr stream that I really enjoy going to ye olde places like Warwick Castle and Hampton Court Palace to try and capture the history there. This weekend gave me a little opportunity to capture some historical magic. The town I grew up near, Newbury, will probably still be known in a few hundred years time for being the site of 2 English Civil War battles (1643 and 1644 respectively). Today's HDR picture is of the 2nd Battle of Newbury re-enactment that took place recently at the Newbury Showground by the Sealed Knot group. It was on a bit of a whim I decided to attend but so glad I did now because I came away with a lot more photos than I anticipated. I have more pictures to come from that day so I won't waste all my words on it now. I hope you like it, I did this HDR from a single RAW file and put it through the works. More tomorrow!


MINOR MILESTONE! Today is exactly 1 year since my very first Flickr upload. A lot has changed in a year and I like to think my photography has come from nowhere to a place I'm quite proud of and will of course always keep learning. Thank you to all my contacts and friends who have helped me learn so much about how to take a picture, this one's for you! Ahhh....




* Reduced Sharpening to 0 and exported directly from Lightroom to Photomatix


* Tone-mapped and levels adjusted in Photomatix


* Back in Lightroom, I turned the vibrancy of the colours down slightly so as not to look so shiny and modern and also increased slightly highlights, lights, shadows and decreased slightly darks.


* Increased Sharpening to 46 and Luminance Noise Reduction to 43


* Opened up in Photoshop CS5 where I did some spot healing and clone stamping to eliminate a person on the far right. Further clone stamping to keep the fence in the background consistent


* Extra noise reduction work to tackle the really difficult bits such as the smoke, using Gaussian Blur and layer masking


And Voila!

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Taken on May 30, 2011