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Untitled | by Pete Boyd
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After a childhood hearing of Silicon Valley place names my dad brought back from business trips; then later on from all the software I've been involved in and read about over the last decade, I want to actually see what The Valley physically looks like, to give some context to the lives of the people and the locales of the places I'm always reading about. We went to Palo Alto for tea. Driving down from the hill, very expensive real estate and flash cars; then all these businesses you can tell they're really wealthy the way their architecture's been designed to be humane, habitable - low, surrounded by trees. The town itself is incredibly clear of any rubbish and polished clean not a hair out of place, wealthy, the people too - immaculate teenage girls with braces, everyone's clothes freshly washed and ironed. We went to this Indian restaurant and the people sat behind us totally fulfilled my stereotype talking about Facebook apps and DNS root servers and using the phrase 'dub dub dub' - not technically competent people because they were marvelling at it all, but immersed in the technology. I think judging from their conversation they were Microsofties.


I drove us home along the freeway up through Silicon Valley to San Francisco.


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Taken on March 28, 2008