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Paco update

this has been a lousy 48 hours so far. bare with me a moment.


last friday, E and i noticed that Paco had a red bump down on his doggy bits that was about the size of an eraser tip. he was licking it a lot, it seemed to be bothering him. i figured it was a bug bite of some sort but to be safe, on saturday, to the vet he went. they did a needle biopsy, the pathology report came back on tuesday afternoon. it was a Mast Cell Tumor. Paco has cancer. it needed to be removed immediately.


fortunutly, our favorite vets surgery day is wednesday and she was able to get us in. Paco had the tumor removed yesterday and is now on the road to recovery. the path report for the removal is due in tomorrow -- we are all hoping it shows that it was only a stage one tumor and that it was completely removed. if not, well... he's not even five years old and i've grown so attached to this little pup. i don't know what i would do without him at this point.


please keep him in your thoughts these next few days. and if i'm not posting or commenting for a while, i think you'll understand why.


3/30/07; 2:55 pm :: see this comment below for an update!

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